Who We Are

Here at Cardinal Hill we strive to be, A Friendly Church, Growing In God’s Calling!”

What does this statement mean for our church? This statement is drawn upon from the Bible (Inerrant Word of God) for our church members to intentionally hold to and reach out and share the love of the Gospel with others. As God’s church, our desire is to follow God above all and grow daily in walking joyfully in the Lord by learning together how to love and live God in our church, home and community!

What does the statement mean for your family? Well, before anyone arrives for service or any church happenings, we will pray for each other and your family. When you arrive we hope to greet and treat you with a ready handshake and a smile! ALL that we do at CHBC through Worship, fellowship, serving God or good old fashion fun is purposed to bring God glory! Our desire is for you to be encouraged to come follow God above all and grow daily in walking joyfully in the Lord by learning how to love and live God!

The best way to experience God is to be in his presence with his church (believers)! Are we perfect, “NO” but we worship one who is! God is, “YES” perfect in all His ways! Whether you are a first time visitor or a believer searching for a family fellowship, all of us at CHBC invite you to come be changed and grow with us! We would love the opportunity to meet you!

Our mission statement:

To be a dynamic spiritual part of the body of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit to share Christ by word and lifestyle with all people in our church, community, state, and throughout the world.

To help people, through Bible Study and prayer, to experience a growing relationship with God and live in obedient discipleship to Jesus Christ in worship, ministry and fellowship.

To provide a quality, meaningful worship atmosphere enabling us to experience an awareness of God, recognizing His person, and responding in obedience to His leadership through the Holy Spirit, maintaining a free and loving spirit.

To be a church in which every member is a minister that serves unselfishly to members and non members in the community and the world in Jesus’ name.

To experience increasingly meaningful, uplifting fellowship through activities that enhance our relationship with God, fellow believers, and non-believers.